Inspirational Football quotes from Football Legends


Following the theme of sports and quotes, surely football is an indispensable name. Yes, football – the most popular sport in the world, the most inspiring sport of all humans.

The ball seemed to roll across the world, from remote areas to small lanes, to famous pitches and to today’s article. See what celebrities say about football through football quotes below.

Football Quotes from Football Legends Players

“The most difficult thing in football is to score a goal. ” – Pep Guardiola

Football Quotes.
Football Quotes.

This Manchester City head coach gave a very interesting quote. Obviously, scoring goals is an extremely basic thing in football, since its inception, scoring is the deciding factor for this sport’s victory.

So, the players have all the skills, and the coaches use all tactics for the sole purpose: scoring goals. That is enough to prove that: goals are the hardest thing in football.

“The game of football is one of strategy and tactics.” – Woody Hayes

Quotes about Football.
Quotes about Football.

Football is not simply a physical sport. The players on the pitch do not play instinctively, they play under the tactic that has been calculated carefully by the coach.

The ball rolled under their feet, rolling under the calculations of the players.

They use the skills they have, putting the ball the way they want in order to score. Football and playing football is an art.

“Without football, my life is worth nothing. ” – Cristiano Ronaldo’s Football Quotes.

Football Quote from Cristiano Ronaldo.
Football Quote from Cristiano Ronaldo.

Looking back at CR7’s massive career, football fans also admire their admiration for what he offers.

CR7 is a testimony to the saying that Genius is made up of 99% effort and 1% intelligence. From this football quote can see his endless passion for football.

“In football as in watchmaking, talent and elegance mean nothing without rigour and precision.” – Lionel Messi

Messi quotes about Football.
Messi quotes about Football.

Messi is known as a football genius with top-notch performances.

There are Messi goals that make opponents once fans are surprised because he can’t believe he can create goals in seemingly impossible situations.

Good luck accomplishing those goals. Not. Or natural talent to help Messi get those miraculous goals.

Unavailable. Perhaps the secret lies in two strict words and exact words. Strict in non-stop training to achieve skills to a proficient level and achieve an accurate, sensitive perspective to choose the right time.

That combination can create such a beautiful playing style.

“Football is a game you cannot play without making mistakes.” – Jurgen Klopp

Famous Football Quote.
Famous Football Quote.

What is quite interesting is the strictness and accuracy that Messi said do not mean that it is not allowed to make mistakes.

Mistakes create an experience, create lessons. It is right in football too. Once a match is made, decisions on the pitch are decided in seconds and mistakes are inevitable.

If the players play football in fear of making mistakes then the pressure will be extremely terrible and you know, the pressure is one of the enemies of playing football.

“You can plan, but what happens on a football field cannot be predicted.” – Manuel Neuer

Inspirational Football Quote.
Inspirational Football Quote.

This football quote of the best goalkeeper in the world is interesting. Because As a goalkeeper, the talent predicts the ball, the opponent’s direction is extremely important.

But it is impossible to disagree with Manuel Neuer, the unpredictable thing makes football becomes the greatest sport.

And though it is hard to predict Manuel Neuer can do it, so he became one of the admired goalkeepers of the world.

“In football, you win as a group, you lose as a group; you divide the credit and the blame. ” – Gianluigi Buffon’s football quotes.

Football Team Quote.
Football Team Quote.

As mentioned in the owner to sport quotes. Football is one of the sports that promote teamwork. Solidarity is one of the factors that make a team successful.

This solidarity is formed from the common goal, practicing together. After all the moments whether being happy in victory together or grieving because defeat together is precious.

“The key thing with any football player is, what can he do when he gets on the field.” – Shaun Alexander

Football Player Quote.
Football Player Quote.

Football is a good example of careers where labor and talent are converted in the most specific way.

In football, being a football player is the only chance a player can prove how valuable he is.

No matter how talented he is on the training ground, if he does not successfully complete his task, cannot score, he is just a player who has no value.

This rule is so harsh that it is true for all players, at every match, regardless of who.

If you doubt this, remember the times Lionel Messi was criticized for not being able to bring the national team to the championship, unable to score as the fans wanted. You will agree with this football quote.

“Football is about sacrifice, dedication, a lot of work, and friendship off the pitch. ” – Edinson Cavani sayings about football quotes.

If not a football fan, it would be hard to understand why the 11 people chasing a ball left people so loved. Not only because it is a sport that contains many surprises.

But also because it is the passion of many people: players, coaches. They practice, study, draw tactics, learn, compete, spend their lives eating, sleeping and living with football.

Perhaps those sacrifices made the beauty of this sport.

“The moral values I’ve learnt in my life I’ve learnt through football.” – Arsene Wenger

For a person who spends his whole life in football as “professor” Arsene Wenger, we cannot probably agree more.

Higher than entertainment, there are lessons on grass, out on the pitch that only who really love football, really play football can understand.

This is also the reason I chose this football quote to end the article today. Football teaches viewers to understand the preciousness of opportunities, but success comes only with skilled, trained people seizing that opportunity.

Football Sayings from Football Stars

  • “Loyalty is a big part of football, and it shows if you are a real man or not.” – Jack Wilshere
  • “Football is my sanctuary. It’s where I go to escape. It’s where I’m most happy.” – Odell Beckham, Jr.
  • “In football, the good thing is things can change in a second.” – Didier Drogba
  • “I ain’t got nothing to say. I just wanna play football.” – Marshawn Lynch
  • “Manchester United breathes football.” – Robin Van Persie
  • “What a great day for football, all we need is some green grass and a ball.” – Bill Shankly
  • “I am constantly being asked about individuals. The only way to win is as a team. Football is not about one or two or three star players.” – Pele
  • “I am not a dreamer. I am a football romantic.” – The shortest football quotes from Jurgen Klopp.
  • “Go back through football, and you will see that the team with the best defense wins.” – Vince Lombardi
  • “I love football and beer and have a normal girlfriend.” – Josh Duhamel
  • “If a man watches three football games in a row, he should be declared legally dead.” – Erma Bombeck
  • “Playing football helped me a lot. Just reading the quarterback’s eyes and reading receivers, figuring out what they want to do.” – Kawhi Leonard
  • “If you trust in an idea of football, and you trust in the team, it’s important to have a squad with good balance.” – Antonio Conte
  • “I’ve always liked big challenges in football and playing against the best.” – Toni Kroos
  • “Football taught me how hard you had to work to achieve something.” – Kenny Chesney
  • “You’re not going to see my sense of humor on the football field. That’s not a place for me to joke around.” – Tom Brady
  • “Football is about joy. It’s about dribbling. I favour every idea that makes the game beautiful. Every good idea has to last.” – Ronaldinho
  • “There’s two times of year for me: Football season, and waiting for football season.” – Darius Rucker
  • “Politics is like football; if you see daylight, go through the hole.” – John F. Kennedy
  • “Sometimes you have tough moments, sometimes good moments, and this is normal in football.” – Dusan Tadic

If I talk about football, it will probably take more time, I hope that these above football quotes today can tell the good part of this king sport.