Pursuit of happiness quotes


Happiness is the most sought after feeling in a human’s life. Fighting with all the obstacles and hardships, every people’s ultimate goal is to...
The best of Mark Twain Quotes.

Inspiring Mark Twain Quotes that could change your Life

Mark Twain is not only a big name in the world of literature but also a great thinker. Many Mark Twain quotes...
Health Quotes Cover Image.

Inspirational Health Quotes that remind you to stay healthy

Health is the most important and also the most ignored asset in a person’s life. We all strive for fame, money, material...
Short Life Quotes 4

Short Life Quotes Help You Live Meaningfully

Conventional wisdom says that life is short and we need to grab every moment. However, the meaning of life seems to be...
Work Hard Dream Big quote.

Hard Work Quotes to Motivate you daily

What differentiates a successful man to the others? Two words: Hard work. The importance of effort and resilience has been pointed out...
Funny Quote 5

Funny life quotes

Maybe you will wonder why I write articles about quotes. It’s because I love quotes! They are brief but contain a lot...
Dream quotes 2.


Do you love children? I love when I look at them when they talk about their dreams. “I want to be a...
Spring quotes 4.

Inspirational Spring Quotes

Spring is always considered as the most anticipated season in the year. It does not only mean that a new year has...

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