Monkey.D.Luffy Quotes In Onepiece Series


Leading his crew into numerous adventurous feats, Monkey D. Luffy has emerged out as one of the coolest young protagonists in the anime world. Hence, we have collected the best Monkey D. Luffy quotes to honor the hero of the OnePiece series.

Applauded for his courage, impulsiveness, and zeal, the young boy inspires us to walk down the path of dreams too.

Also, his quotes serve as a constant motivator lest we give up on the success. Surely, it’s not always possible to find insights into simple things. But these anime quotes surely fall into the other category. It is astonishing how beautifully these dialogues reel us through snippets of wisdom.

Surely, OnePiece manga and anime series is a fine piece of art to ignite the ideal virtues and attitude in you! No matter the age group you belong to, Monkey D. Luffy will always have something to say to you.

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Best Monkey.D.Luffy Quotes

Monkey D Luffy Quotes.
Monkey D Luffy Quotes.
Monkey D Luffy quotes 2.
Monkey D Luffy OnePiece quotes.

Monkey D Luffy Quote 3.

Monkey D Luffy quote 4.

  • “If I give up now, I’m going to regret it.” – Monkey D. Luffy
  • “I smell adventure!”
  • “Shut up and let’s do this!” – Monkey D. Luffy
  • “So, you don’t like to get hit, huh? Well, you’re about to have a very bad day.” – Monkey.D.Luffy
  • “One day, I’ll have a ship and a crew better than yours!! And we’ll have the biggest hoard of treasure in the world!!”
  • “If you want to compare ambitions, mine is bigger!”
  • “You came without fear. Don’t have any regrets, no matter what happens. This is the duel you wanted.”
  • ” No matter how hard or impossible it is, never lose sight of your goal.” – Monkey.D.Luffy
  • “Power isn’t determined by your size, but the size of your heart and dreams!”
  • “Hero? No! We’re pirates! I love heroes, but I don’t wanna be one! Do you know what heroes are? Say there is a chunk of meat. Pirates will have a banquet and eat it, but heroes will share it with other people. I want all the meat!”

Monkey.D.Luffy Inspirational Quotes

Monkey D Luffy Quotes 5.

Monkey D Luffy Quotes 6.

  • “I’ve set myself to become the King of Pirates… and if I die trying… then at least I tried.” – Monkey D. Luffy
  • “If I die fighting for it, that’s fine. I will fight…”
  • “I don’t care who you are! I will surpass you!”
  • “We already came this far. Anyway, we’re gonna save you (Nico Robin). And then, if you still want to die. You can die after we save you. “- Monkey D. Luffy
  • “It’s not about whether it’s impossible or not, I’m doing it because I want to.”
  • “If you ask this old man anything about it here and now… Then I’ll quit being a pirate! I don’t want to go on a boring adventure like that! “
  • “You wait out here for us, ok, Usopp? We’re gonna level that stupid house to the ground. “- Monkey D. Luffy
  • “I’ve Been Picking Fights All Along!”
  • “I Decided To Be Pirate King. I Don’t Care If I Die For It.”
  • “I Don’t Have To Be A Boss Or A Great Pirate, Do I? Whenever You Guys Are In Trouble, Call Us! We’ll Come Help You No Matter What.” – Monkey D. Luffy
  • “I Don’t Wanna Conquer Anything. It’s Just That The Person With The Most Freedom On The Sea Is The Pirate King.”
    Monkey D Luffy quote 7.
    Monkey D Luffy quote 7.

    Monkey D Luffy Quotes 8.
    Monkey D Luffy Quotes 8.
  • “Hang on! I’m coming to help!” – Monkey D. Luffy
  • “If I get reincarnated… I a clam.”
  • “Everybody ready? No matter wanna become what, I’ll keep you safe!”
  • “Dying is not repaying a debt! That is not what he saved you for. Only weak men would die after someone spared their lives!” – Monkey D. Luffy
  • “I don’t care how many enemies I have to fight! I’m gonna be the Pirate King!“
  • “Hey! I got an idea!” – Monkey D. Luffy
  • “I have Nakama who’re not strong… But I still want them to be with me..!!So I have to be stronger than anybody else… Or I’ll lose them all!!!”
  • “You want to keep everyone from dying? That’s naive. It’s war. People die.”
  • “Being alone hurts worse than pain.” – Monkey.D.Luffy
  • “Are we friends? Or are we foes? That kind of thing you decide for yourselves!” – Monkey.D.Luffy
  • “A place where you can never ever EVER enter?”
  • “Since your new boss is going to be King of the Pirates! Anything else would make me look bad!” – Monkey.D.Luffy
  • “If you hurt somebody… or if somebody hurts you, the same red blood will be shed.” – Monkey.D.Luffy
  • “There is something mysterious about the life of a pirate.”
  • “An island from a dream within a dream? I could never pass up a great adventure like this!”

Monkey D Luffy Quotes 9.

Monkey D Luffy Quotes 10.

  • “Just shut up with your God crap, already! What kind of God can’t save a single damn thing?!” – Monkey.D.Luffy
  • “Being killed by marines, or coming with me. Which one do you pick?” – Monkey.D.Luffy
  • “Well, ya see… I’m gonna be the unbeatable pirate!!!”
  • “I am going to save you even if it kills me.” – Monkey.D.Luffy
  • “If you don’t want the negative reputation you shouldn’t be a pirate.”
  • “It’s not like thanks” are something I can eat.”
  • “Then just become stronger. I have my ambition, you have your ambition too. Which means you should just keep walking forward towards that goal.”
  • “If you don’t take risks, you can’t create a future.”
  • “Don’t you dare make my navigator cry!!” – Monkey.D.Luffy

Final Thought

Definitely, Monkey D. Luffy quotes call you out to dive into the abundance of knowledge that it serves. As hilarious as it is, it doesn’t fall back into teaching some useful life lessons. Likewise, it time and again focuses on the underlying theme that highlights the significance of dreams in one’s life.

Moreover, manga and anime quotes by Monkey D. Luffy continue to resonate with all the anime lovers as it offers worthy life lessons with a delicate whiff of humor.

Also, determination and aspiration seem to be the most favored virtues of Monkey D. Luffy. And, he surely impels you likewise too.