Aatrox Quotes – The Darkin Blade: League of Legends (LOL)


Aatrox is one of the legendary warriors in the famous game League of Legends. Rising from the endless darkness, this character exists to satisfy his thirst for blood and war. We’ll list the most frequently occurring Aatrox quotes so that we can relive the best scenes in this game.

According to legend, Aatrox was one of the last warriors of an extremely ancient tribe. He is one of the most powerful characters in League of Legends. At the same time is also a formidable character that every player wants to have.

Aatrox Quotes In Movement

When Aatrox In Movement Quotes.
When Aatrox In Movement Quotes.

When Aatrox In Movement Quotes 2.

When Aatrox In Movement Quotes 3.

When Aatrox In Movement Quotes 4.

  • “Challenge me, mortals! I am here!”
  • “They think me defeated, enchained. But I am unbowed… Noble is this carnage.”
  • “I am your reckoner, mortals.”
  • “The true sound of my blade can only be heard when they loathe the incarnation.”
  • “This cursed form… This crude decaying flesh! I loathe it!”
  • “(Laughs) Let them lament… my name.”
  • “I stood against the void. Now… I would welcome it.”
  • “I cannot die… until all life ends.”
  • “Primitives worship me, hoping for mercy. I shall give them death.”
  • “They will call me a god killer!”
  • “I am doom!”
  • “As long as this form lives, I will punish them.”
  • “My suffering… I will make it bloom.”
  • “My darkness was not born, it was forged by my prison.”
  • “I am not a king, I am not a god, I am… worse…”
  • “Those who call me enemy, I welcome them.”
  • “I will snuff out the light, I shall make darkness eternal!”
  • “All that lives, I will end!”
  • “There is a darkness in my heart deeper than any shadow!”
  • “I march to death… Though I wish it was my own…”
  • “I will drown them in oceans of blood!”
  • “Patience, Aatrox! Patience! Your freedom will come!”
  • “Gods and mortals, they deserve only death!”
  • “Kneel mortals! So I may split your shoulders from your spine!”
  • “March toward vengeance… Drown this world in blood!”
  • “I must destroy even hope.”
  • “For my imprisonment, they will suffer!”
  • “I will render these mortals’ forms into my own!”
  • “Their screams will be like the soothing hum of insects at dusk.”

Aatrox Quotes In Attacking

When Aatrox In Attacking.
When Aatrox In Attacking.

When Aatrox In Attacking 2.

When Aatrox In Attacking 3.

  • “Fight! Join me in death!”
  • “I am Darkin! Your gods fear me!”
  • “Your death awaits!”
  • “I will hack and chop and cleave, and sunder the filth of your forms!”
  • “Carnage is my method.”
  • “Suffer, as I suffer!”
  • “I am the god killer!”
  • “Carnage… Hoooooome…”
  • “I will sever your limbs! I will carve your souls!”
  • “Hear this cursed form sing!”
  • “Come! (Grunt) Destiny awaits!”
  • “I begged for death, now I am its bringer!”
  • “You would fight me?! Come, let me show you hell!

Aatrox Quotes Killing a Champion

When Aatrox Killing a Champion.
When Aatrox Killing a Champion.

When Aatrox Killing a Champion 2.

When Aatrox Killing a Champion 3.

  • “This was a reckoning.”
  • “You die… a fool.”
  • “I brought you the one true gift, I brought you… death!”
  • “Your broken form speaks only of failure.”
  • “Carnage, my last joy.”
  • “This is the silence I seek.”
  • “I will have silence.”
  • “Resurrect! Return! So I may kill you again…”
  • “This is my gift to mortals.”
  • “I sing only in your deaths.”
  • “So uh, I’m Aatrox. I’m a transcendental being trapped inside cutlery… What’s your deal?”
  • “Uh, the nice world you have here. I intend to destroy it, you know, FYI.”

Final thought

These unique Aatrox quotes only appear in the game and surely many players are quite familiar. Although just an unreal character, Aatrox has left a lot of players behind because of this warrior’s domineering personality.

With a large sword in hand, Aatrox can sweep a powerful army while maintaining an attractive demeanor. The character Aatrox really seems to have been breathed in by strong, fierce personality traits and has never bowed to anyone.